Immerse yourself in the Minerva experience

We are excited for you to join us at Ascent 2023. This event will be a pivotal moment in your Minerva journey. As an admitted student, you and your future classmates from around the world will join Minerva’s faculty, staff, current students, and alumni who will officially welcome you to our school. 

This is your chance to immerse yourself in all aspects of Minerva. We ask that you, when possible, step away from your daily activities and usual schedules to immerse in this unique experience. During Ascent, you will engage in numerous interactive sessions to understand the many unique aspects of attending Minerva. 

These sessions will give you a taste of what the next four years might look like with opportunities to engage with your future classmates and dedicated time to learn from and ask questions of staff and faculty.  

This program is a representation of the types of experiences you will have as a student. They are meant to give you a taste and an understanding but will not be able to give you the full picture of the Minerva life. We ask that you participate with an open mind, curiosity, and a willingness to fully engage. We look forward to meeting you. 

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February 11

3:00 am - 9:00 am PST

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Agenda | February 11

Kick-Off Feast – Welcome and Get to Know Each Other

Join student leaders and Minerva staff to kick off Ascent. You will be introduced to your future classmates and have time to get to know everyone. Bring a piece of bread, or something similar, to partake in a classic Minerva tradition.

Forum Class Experience – Sustainability and Human Behavior

Take a class on Minerva’s active learning platform, Forum™. Please come prepared (information below and in your email the week before Ascent) to be able to fully participate in the session. Please refer to the email we will send you to know your class section and time.

Q&A With Minerva Professors

Join Minerva faculty members to get an insider look at the science of learning that backs every Minerva class. You will dive into curriculum, courses, Capstones, and more as you get an overview of Minerva’s pedagogy. This session will have a Q&A portion so feel free to prepare questions for the professors.

Student Life at Minerva – Stories from 7 Cities

Hear riveting tales from Minerva alumni about what it was like living in 7 different cities around the world. The awe-inspiring, the unusual, the new, and the personal -- this session has it all. It will be an intimate, casual environment. Come prepared to laugh, learn, and see pictures from the Minerva rotation cities. 

Professional Growth at Minerva – Alumni Careers Panel

This interactive session will introduce you to career development at Minerva. Our coaches work with you to help you envision how you can reach your career goals over the next four years. 

Wrap-up Celebration

During the closing session of Ascent, you will get to celebrate with the Minerva community and you will even enjoy themed performances from students and alumni around the world.

Ascent Community Chat & Helpdesk

Join us in our telegram group chat, where you will get the most up-to-date information about Ascent. You will need to download the telegram app first. Join the group here or use the QR Code on the left. Introduce yourself and meet the rest of the participants from around the world.

This will also be a great place to ask for help or assistance during the event. 

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Attending Class and Logging Into Forum

Attending Class and Logging Into Forum

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Preparing for Class

We will be sending you an email in the coming weeks which will assign you to your class and to give you other essential information about attending your class. This is a unique opportunity to participate in the active learning filled, seminar-style class that defines the Minerva academic experience.  We ask that you arrive to class the same way that Minerva students do: prepared. The brief readings below will help you to understand the topics that will be covered in seminar. You should complete these readings before Ascent programming starts. 

Namrata and Julian taking class on ALF
Joining Forum

You will also be receiving an email with the subject line “Set up your Forum Account."  Please follow the directions in this email to log in and set your password. We ask that you do this from the same computer you plan to take the class on to test your bandwidth and camera. If you have not received your Forum email by February 8, please email 



Cristi Dragan

"If you are having any issues logging into a session, or appear to be in the wrong place, please message us immediately at We are here to support and will respond to you as soon as we possibly can."

Contact Cristi at

Alexandra Harangus
Alexandra Harangus

"Our team is here to help. We have a roster of student leaders, alumni, staff, and faculty involved in giving you the best possible experience at Ascent. If for any reason you want to reach out to our lead organizers with feedback or suggestions, or urgent requests, we, Alexandra and Cristi, invite you to do so. "

Contact Alexandra at

We will be capturing screenshots, images, and videos throughout the event, some of which will be used on Minerva University's social media pages or shared back with participants after Ascent. Please message us at if you have any questions or would like to opt out.