Student-Directed Innovation in Higher Education

The Context


The refugee crisis — which to date has displaced more than 59 million people* — is a growing issue around the world, as host nations struggle to come up with effective solutions to this complex global problem. Among those displaced are students who have left their homes in order to escape political and economic turmoil and now face uncertainty regarding the future of their education.

*The UN Refugee Agency

The Components
The Journey
Two students on a 4,500 kilometer tour through Europe to discuss solutions to one of today’s most complex challenges
The Community
A space to share ideas and meet others who are passionately pursuing solutions to this and other global concerns
The Project
A collaboration with Sharehaus Refugio, the tour will raise funds to provide educational access for student refugees
2016 Tour

Accelerating Change


As part of an ongoing Catalyst Tour, two Minerva students will travel 4,500 kilometers by train through Europe, beginning in London and ending in Istanbul. Along the way, they will stop in ten European capitals, convening student-led conversations about the education crisis many of today’s refugees face. They will use creative problem-solving skills to better understand this critical global problem and brainstorm potential solutions. In addition, the tour includes a fundraising initiative to provide educational access for student refugees.

The Project

Contribute to the Access to Education project, a collaboration between Catalyst Europe and Sharehaus Refugio, a Berlin-based community initiative.

The Access to Education project will help refugees continue their education, develop language skills, and resettle. The money raised will go toward creating a learning space within the Refugio and purchasing much-needed resources for student refugees, including laptops, books, and classes taught by local teachers.

Join the Conversation

Learn more about the tour on the Catalyst blog, and engage with the community on Facebook.

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“So many of the global problems we face are caused by humans. To solve these problems, we must change how people think and act. I believe the only way to do this is through education.”
Or, Minerva Student
Class of 2019
Photo: Martin Klimek/Getty
Or Segal

About Minerva

Catalyst is an initiative led by students at the Minerva Schools at KGI. Minerva is an innovative global university program that prepares students to solve complex challenges. Minerva students live in up to seven global cities during four years of study. All classes are conducted in small, active learning seminars, as students are vital participants in each session, and their educational growth overall.