Communicating with Impact
Session Topics

Sessions Designed for Impact

Each of the eight sessions within Communicating With Impact have been intentionally designed so you can learn specific skills and tools to improve multiple parts of communication. The course will start with examining the role of communication, before diving into written and then oral communications. At the conclusion, you will bring all the pieces together so that you can approach any communication challenge and any audience with confidence.

The following are the eight sessions within the course:

  • Why communication matters: Case studies in successful and failed communication 
  • Written composition I: Clarity, concision, and emphasis 
  •  Written composition II: Organization and format 
  • Writing for specific and general audiences 
  • Writing to persuade or call to action 
  • Oral communication I: Confidence, body language, and visual aids 
  • Oral communication II: Audience connection and persuasive oratory 
  • Bringing it all together: Heuristics for your communication toolkit
Key Program Features /
  • Eight-week program, two hours of class weekly
  • One on One Feedback
  • No residential requirement

We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2020 course, starting in March.