Master of Decision Analysis

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Data is powerful but cannot replace informed decision making. In this era of uncertainty, success depends on being indispensable and adaptable. You need a new combination of complex problem solving skills, so you can harness big data to answer big questions.

Minerva’s Master of Decision Analysis is a new kind of degree:

Thought Leadership
Minerva’s Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Joshua Fost, Ph.D. discusses the skills needed to become a data-informed decision maker.
Collaborating on Laptops
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100% Remote
All MDA classes take place via Forum™, the advanced learning environment intentionally designed to inspire rich engagement and enhance your understanding of the skills being taught.

Crucial Competencies
The intensive, graduate-level courses teach a combination of analytical, creative, communication, and collaboration skills focused on improving your decision-making and problem-solving.

Complex Challenges
Coursework centers on a variety of complex global issues that span disciplines, with an emphasis on empirical research, systematic analysis, and solution development.

Research Capabilities
Assignments incorporate original quantitative and qualitative research, with findings used to analyze situations, develop viable options, and structure recommendations.

Pragmatic Applications
Through project-based learning, fieldwork, and applied decision-making techniques, you will address the practical concerns facing your organization, community, or society.

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No GREs or other standardized tests

If you are looking for a graduate degree that will help you advance you career, with improved problem-solving and decision-making skills, apply now.

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April 1, 2020
Round III Deadline