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Equip employees with critical skills to tackle complex challenges and make consequential decisions.

75% of American companies struggle to recruit employees with critical thinking skills, pointing to an existing skills gap in the workplace.* As the nature of the workforce continues to shift along with today’s complex global challenges, organizations of all types grapple with rapid change and increasing complexity. Leaders and managers must be adept at multiple competencies to make decisions, from systems thinking and problem analysis, to self-awareness and empathic, effective communication.

Minerva University’s professional learning offerings are designed to address this skills gap for organizations seeking to upskill internal talent—from managers to executives—to enhance business and management outcomes. By applying the frameworks and approaches taught in our courses to their work, participants deepen their mastery of the concepts taught and immediately benefit their professional practices.

Our executive programs are taught using synchronous online technology that goes beyond traditional virtual learning methods. The interactive and engaged learning required at Minerva ensures participants are challenged to excel and are able to quickly assimilate new information and skills into their daily work.

* Source: CERIDIAN, “The top five skills that companies need most for the future of work”, 2019

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Master of Science in Decision Analysis

Minerva’s online, part-time Master of Science in Decision Analysis (MDA) program is designed to equip emerging leaders with critical thinking, creative thinking, effective interaction and collaboration competencies to make a meaningful impact in any organization. In this 21-month, remote graduate program, employees acquire key transferable leadership and analytical skills, through the practical application of frameworks and concepts across multiple contexts.

Master of Science in Decision Analysis

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If you would like to nominate one or more staff members from your company for the Master in Decision Analysis program, you may do so through our nomination form.

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Graduate Certificate in Decision Analysis

We offer an online Certificate in Decision Analysis derived from the first 24 credits of our MDA program. The certificate can be completed in 12 months (three semesters) and will equip participants with important decision making skills with a shorter time commitment than the full MDA program.

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Short Courses

For companies looking to train a broader set of employees, Minerva University also provides several online short course offerings with flexible format, depending on cohort size:

Leading in Complex Systems

This course examines what it takes for a leader to manage within uncertainty and rapid change through practical tools and frameworks. Participants gain insights into what differentiates adaptive leadership from transactional leadership; identify ways to cultivate, mediate and manage teams for effective interaction; and acquire applicable tools and systems thinking to enhance project management.
(7 sessions)

Problem Solving for Decision Makers

This course deconstructs the process of problem solving, focusing on defining and characterizing complex problems and generating viable solutions. Participants learn to identify problems and identify relevant obstacles and constraints, examine existing solutions, employ ideation to propose and analyze possible solutions, and employ decision making frameworks to choose a path forward. (5 sessions)

Ethical Applications of Persuasive Communication

In this course, participants learn and practice the craft of persuasive written and oral communication under a commitment to honesty, openness to criticism, and a high ethical regard for their audience. Key topics include: crafting messages with clarity and concision; kinds and uses of evidence; making an emotional connection with your audience; projecting intellectual integrity, candor, and confidence. (10 sessions)

Each course can be offered in a flexible format. Courses are offered and priced as cohorts, with a minimum of 8 and maximum of 20 learners per cohort. With sufficient enrollment, we can work with you on designing a custom format for your organization. Pricing is available upon request.

If you have any questions about our corporate offerings or would like to request additional information, please contact us at partners@minerva.edu.

Learning Effectively

Learning Effectively

Active Learning

Practical Applied Projects

To allow for an application of learning in professional contexts while still in the program, Minerva's courses include project-based assignments, with opportunities to customize projects based on participants’ area of employment. The Master in Decision Analysis program includes an applied thesis component, where participants can tackle a substantial topic derived from their career.

Student Perspective

“We spent months trying to solve a problem with major IT system development within our company. Previously, we had brainstormed solutions trying to make them fit our issue with little progress. Then I introduced everyone to problem solving skills from my class - #rightproblem and #gapanalysis. Instead of jumping to a solution, we tried to understand our problem better, then reviewed existing solutions to use. We solved it in a week!”

Hiromi Sakae, Japan, MDA Class of 2023
Director of Envision Co., Ltd., RareJob Co.

Student Perspective