Build Confidence In Your Decisions

Join us for an active learning ForumTM class and a glimpse into our Master in Decision Analysis curriculum. In this session, we will discuss research on how our decision-making process works, explore when it goes astray, and introduce a framework for systematizing choices. You will take the first step to building a toolkit of concrete skills to advance your career and understand how the MDA can help you become a more confident decision-maker and leader.

Facilitated by: Christine Looser, Associate Business Professor at Minerva Schools

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June 9

5:00 pm PDT


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Master’s Curriculum

Develop and strengthen your decision-making skills to address complex challenges and make a profound impact on society.

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Active Learning in Small Seminars

All classes are conducted in a small seminar format using Minerva’s fully active learning methodology, helping you hone your critical thinking, debate, and presentation skills.

Curated Career Resources

To help you advance your career, Minerva will help you identify your goals, explore possible paths, and develop a realistic plan to achieve them.