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Develop critical transferable skills to make consequential decisions.

The number of jobs requiring employees to make good decisions has risen by 460% since 1960*. As the nature of the workforce continues to shift along with today’s complex global challenges, the world needs adaptive leaders who can deconstruct problems, interpret complex data, and devise effective solutions.

Minerva’s Master of Science in Decision Analysis (MDA) is designed to equip you with critical thinking, creative thinking, effective interaction and collaboration competencies to make a global impact in your career. In this 21-month, part-time, non-residential graduate program, you will acquire key transferable leadership and analytical skills, through the practical application of frameworks and concepts across multiple contexts.

*Harvard University and NBER, “The Growing Importance of Decision-Making on the Job”, 2021

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program details

program details

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Academic Program

The interdisciplinary MDA curriculum includes coursework in complex analysis, problem solving, research methods, and information-based decision-making. The final thesis enables you to apply your learning to a substantive topic of your choosing, including one derived from your employment.

Curated Career Resources

To help you advance your career, Minerva will help you identify your goals, explore possible paths, and develop a realistic plan to achieve them through career resources, personalized 1:1 and group life coaching and talent development support.

the science of learning

the science of learning

Active Learning

Alumni Perspective

“At its core, the Master’s in Decision Analysis gave me the tools to navigate complexity. Whatever I do throughout my life, I will never again be overwhelmed by the vast unknown, nor will I just set sail and hope for the best. I have the mindset, and the skillset, to steer through the sea of data and information coming at me—and chart the course to a worthwhile destination.”

Zach Goldfine, MDA Class of 2017
Deputy CTO - Benefits at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Alumni Perspective



Minerva’s admissions process is designed to eliminate biases, including standardized tests, admissions fees, and enrollment caps. Instead, our merit-based approach focuses on who you are, how you think, and your professional and academic background. The admissions process requires an application form, your CV/resume and transcripts, as well as the completion of two short online challenges. Qualified applicants will be invited to a virtual interview.

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hear from the mda community

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