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As the world grows more interconnected, we face a number of increasingly complex global challenges. Minerva’s unique university education teaches you the critical skills needed to solve such challenges, preparing you for an uncertain future and jobs that may not exist yet.

Unique Experience
Ailén Matthiess, Argetina, explores San Francisco with her classmates.

Photo: Bob Miller
Global Immersion
Live and learn in seven of the world’s greatest cities during four years of rigorous study in our accredited residential program.
Innovative Learning
Participate exclusively in small interactive seminars, built on the science of learning, that demand the full engagement of your professors and classmates.
Accessible Admissions
Attend the only highly-selective undergraduate institution to admit all qualified students based on merit alone, with no consideration given to gender, nationality, ethnicity, or social status.
International Peers
Join a diverse group of accomplished students united by a shared sensibility — deep intellectual curiosity, humility, passion, and the drive to make a difference.
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“One day, I hope to establish a program that helps young, low-income students in my home country gain access to better educational opportunities. While I do not know how I will do this yet, I know I am on the right path at Minerva. Every aspect of my experience here — from learning new ways of thinking to developing meaningful relationships — is refining my thoughts on how I can help improve the education system in Brazil.”
Danilo Vaz, Minerva Student
Photo: Tim Matsui
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No SATs or other standardized tests

No application fee

No national, ethnic, or gender quotas

Applying to Minerva is easy. Simply fill out the online form and share basic information about yourself and your academic history. Once you complete the first page, you can save and resume at any time.

We are committed to treating every applicant equally, so all admissions decisions are based on merit alone. Tuition is less than a quarter of the cost of other highly-selective institutions and Minerva offers needs-based financial aid to all qualified students.

There is no fee to apply.



Jan. 15, 2016
Regular Decision Application Deadline

“I wanted to help Latin Americans get the best possible education, at an affordable price. At Minerva, I am doing precisely that and could not be happier.”

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