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Experience the world and learn the skills needed to change it.

Combining rigorous academics with small seminars and an immersive global study, Minerva shares The International Awards for Young People's mission to empower the next generation by highlighting the importance of role of cultural understanding in education. Furthermore, Minerva teaches the relevant skills and enables opportunity for the hands-on experience needed for success.

To exhibit our commitment to prepare youth to be effective global leaders, we are offering support sessions on the Minerva Application Process to International Award for Young People awardees.

Are you ready for a challenge?

Key Program Elements
Immerse Yourself in Seven World Cultures
You will live and learn in seven of the most vibrant cities in the world during your four years of undergraduate study.
Global Experience
Explore Broadly as You Learn Deeply
The innovative pedagogy, curriculum, and classes are deliberately designed to teach you the skills needed to solve complex problems.
Academic Programs
Prepare for a Lifetime of Professional Success
Professional development begins in your first year, with advice, access, and advocacy provided throughout your entire career.
Career Development
Join a Community of Global Citizens
Merit-based admissions, affordable tuition, and generous aid foster the most diverse student body at any university in the world.
Tuition & Aid
Complete the Unique Admissions Process
Demonstrate who you are, how you think, and what you have accomplished: your true self, not essays and standardized test scores.

Minerva is pleased to offer special coaching sessions to IAYP Awardees on how to best articulate and highlight their accomplishments and accolades through the Award.

Coaching Sessions
All Awardees
Coaches will provide information about Minerva overall, financial aid, and detailed explanation of the application.

Gold Awardees
Gold Awardees will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching sessions with Minerva Outreach Staff members.

Silver Awardees
Silver Awardees will be connected with current Minerva students for one-on-one coaching sessions.

Bronze Awardees
Bronze Awardees will be afforded the chance to receive group coaching sessions Minerva students.


From morning rituals like running and yoga to intensive, location-based learning with leading figures and organizations, Minerva also offers a wide range of stimulating pursuits outside of class.

This film, shot over the course of a single day in San Francisco, exhibits the depth and breadth of the student experience in the first residential location.

Video: Andrew Hida and Jesse Dearing

Minerva is your opportunity to prove yourself, but first you need to apply.

100% Merit-Based Admissions/

The first part of the admissions process is the application form, which includes basic information about who you are and your academic history. From there, you'll gain access to a personalized Admissions Center, where you will be guided through the remaining steps of a truly unique, holistic admissions process.

• No SATs or other standardized tests

• No application fee

• No ethnic, gender, or national bias

• Low tuition costs

• Need-based financial aid

Students walking around Berlin

We are committed to treating every applicant equally, so all admissions decisions are based solely on merit. In addition, all admitted students are eligible to receive need-based financial aid through low-interest loans, work study, and if needed, additional scholarships.

Meet Minerva Students

Minerva students share their experiences, in their own words, on our Medium channel. 

Photos: Bob Miller; Marcus Reichmann/Blink
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