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Even in a time when students are learning remotely more than ever, Minerva’s degree stands out as an intentionally designed program. Using research from the science of learning, Minerva’s fully active learning pedagogy and curriculum enable students to develop their critical and creative thinking skills.

Moreover, Minerva’s global rotation model allows students to understand the diversity of the world by immersing themselves in it rather than reading about diversity from a campus bubble far away. Minerva students build upon their intercultural and professional knowledge throughout their four years, preparing them for success in our highly globalized society after graduation. Combining an innovative curriculum with an unparalleled, immersive global experience, Minerva is the only university built to prepare students for success in the 21st century.

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2021 enrollment. If you know a student who might benefit from Minerva's innovative education, invite them to learn more.

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Video // Forum Classes: Improving How You Learn

Each discussion-based seminar, with fewer than 20 participants, pushes students to continuously interact with their professors and classmates. Through this deep collaboration, they learn to question assumptions, analyze information, perform simulations, devise novel solutions, and fundamentally reshape the way they think about the world.


See what alumni are doing after graduating and learn how they are using the skills they gained through their Minerva education in their careers?

Minerva in the Media: The New York Times

“[The] Minerva students and graduates I spoke to said that the school indeed gave them something — maturity, initiative, ingenuity and, ultimately, confidence...” - Frank Bruni, The New York Times

Learn about our graduates and see if your student may thrive in this community
Colette Brown (United States), Class of 2019
Learn about the sustainable fashion company Collette co-founded from her senior Capstone project, Blacktogray.
Meet Colette
Zichen Cui (China), Class of 2019
Read about Zichen’s summer research experience at LPixel, a Mistletoe portfolio company in Tokyo, Japan.
Meet Zichen
Dana Amir (Israel), Class of 2019
Learn about In•sight Journeys, an unbiased program Dana created to teach her classmates about the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Meet Dana
Ivan Ezeigbo (Nigeria), Class of 2019
Read about Ivan’s experience as an undergraduate researcher at Pennsylvania State College of Medicine in his path towards medical school.
Meet Ivan
Florence Basubas (Philippines), Class of 2019
Learn about Florence’s research in the Applied Molecular Virology Laboratory of the Institut Pasteur Korea while studying in Seoul.
Meet Florence
Vicki C. w/ Class of 2019 at Consequent
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Learn about Minerva’s curriculum, global cultural immersion rotation, small interactive seminars, and personalized career support.

Sessions are held both online and in-person, so you can join from around the world. 

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