Complex challenges require practical problem solving. Minerva students can help.

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Minerva students bring their diverse perspectives, collaborative approach, and exceptional skills to help companies address real challenges. From analyzing data, creating go-to-market strategy, developing fundraising proposals and more, students are able to bring tangible and unique value to teams and organizations. Before each year-long program or Summer internship, Minerva’s Global Network Development team works closely with sponsor organizations to determine the scope and deliverables for each project.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering

Market Research and Analysis

Data Collection, Analytics, and Visualization

Grant and Proposal Writing

Social Media Planning and Implementation

Localization and Translation

Content Development and Strategy

Student Team Projects
Talent Beyond Boundaries

Relevant Skills. Global Perspective. Accessible Talent.

A partnership with Minerva is an opportunity to utilize the vast global experiences, practical knowledge, and demonstrated capabilities of an exceptional talent pool. Across sectors, Minerva students can provide enhanced value to organizations of every size and type.

To ensure a collaborative approach, the Global Network team works with each partner to design programs that fit organizational needs and objectives. Both location-specific and remote partnerships are available. As an added benefit, student team projects help defray the cost of education for individual students in financial need and contribute to the Minerva Institute’s general scholarship fund.

Advance your projects, build your talent pipeline, and help shape the next generation of global leaders and innovators. 

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Each summer students engage in internships and research opportunities to explore career possibilities and further develop their professional skills. The Professional Experiences series show select internships across various sectors, demonstrating the value that Minerva students provide.

Videos: Andrew Hida
Natalie Profile
“Being a Minerva student means I’m regularly placed in unfamiliar situations and environments and trusted to perform well and produce good work. Whether that included speaking to VC funders and nonprofit founders or networking with Minerva’s highly acclaimed civic partners, I’ve become comfortable connecting with people who hold significantly more power than me — both in title and knowledge of a given industry.”
Natalie Kanter, Class of 2019
Reflecting on her internship experience at

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