Higher Education for the 21st Century

A Global University Experience


Experience the world and learn the skills needed to change it. 

Combining rigorous academics with immersive global experience and lifelong professional support, Minerva is the only university built for the 21st century scholar. 

Minerva is already home to many UWC students from all over the world, who seek to continue their understanding of the world through truly unique undergraduate experience.

To exhibit our commitment to prepare youth for the 21st century, we are offering a $10,000 scholarship to a UWC student admitted to Minerva who exhibits financial need.

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2022 enrollment.

Key Program Elements
Immerse Yourself in Seven World Cultures
You will live and learn in seven of the most vibrant cities in the world during your four years of undergraduate study.
Global Experiential Learning
Explore Broadly as You Learn Deeply
The innovative pedagogy, curriculum, and classes are deliberately designed to teach you the skills needed to solve complex problems.
Academic Programs
Prepare for a Lifetime of Professional Success
Professional development begins in your first year, with advice, access, and advocacy provided throughout your entire career.
Career Development
Join a Community of Global Citizens
Merit-based admissions, affordable tuition, and generous aid foster the most diverse student body at any university in the world.
Tuition & Financial Aid
Discover Accessible Admissions
Demonstrate who you are, how you think, and what you have accomplished: your true self, not essays and standardized test scores.
Holistic Admissions Process

Follow the journeys of five students of the Class of 2019: Lusana, Jake, Rinad, Florence, and Teodor. From studying infectious diseases to gaining artistic inspiration from the vibrant environments, Seoul unlocks their academic and personal passions.

The Global Immersion series highlights each city in the Minerva residential rotation and focuses on a unique dimension of the Minerva student experience.


Minerva is your opportunity to prove yourself.

100% Merit-Based Admissions/

Minerva’s admissions process is designed to understand how you think, not simply what you can memorize.

• No SATs or other standardized tests

• No application fee

• No bias or quotas of any kind

• Need-based financial aid

Students walking around Berlin
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Photos: Bob Miller; Marcus Reichmann/Blink
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