Catherine Carter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Humanities


  • Recipient of multiple scholarships, grants, and fellowships, including a University of Texas Named Continuing Fellowship to conduct ethnographic research
  • Facilitated innovative interdisciplinary sustainable design teaching and building projects through work at the Center for Sustainable Development
  • Worked with global sustainability and justice scholars and practitioners in the Sustainable Consumption Research & Action Initiative

Professor Catherine Carter’s doctoral work examined the relationship between people and sustainable technologies, in a charged, bi-national context. For her dissertation, she spent nine months conducting ethnographic research on sustainability built environment projects on the U.S.-Mexico border. Professor Carter earned her Ph.D. in Sustainable Design at the University of Texas School of Architecture and Planning. She earned her Master’s in Sustainable Design, with a focus on how building technologies shift values, habits, and practices of inhabitants in sustainable directions. 

Professor Carter is excited to draw on her past experiences to help students respond to complex global problems using critical thinking and creativity. Through her teaching, she aims to help students understand how people shape their built environments, how built environment shapes people, and the power of design to make sustainable and just change.