Katie McAllister
Katie McAllister, Ph.D., 
Associate Professor of Social Sciences
  • Recipient of Commonwealth Trusts’ Canada Cambridge Scholarship and University of Cambridge Overseas Research Studentship 
  • Worked in multiple countries and sectors as a consultant with the London office of the Boston Consulting Group
  • Recent first author publications include Psychopharmacology (2015) and Neurobiology of Learning & Memory (2013); Co-author (with Adrian Brown) of “Ready, Willing and Able: An interim review of the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund” U.K. Gov & BCG (2014). Commissioned by the U.K. Cabinet Office, Big Society Capital, and The Social Investment Business

Katie McAllister’s research at Cambridge focused on exploring the role of the prefrontal cortex and cognitive impairment in Schizophrenia. Prior to Minerva, she developed a broad skill-set as a management consultant with the London office of the Boston Consulting Group, while continuing to maintain engagement with neuroscience. Professor McAllister completed her Ph.D. in neuroscience at The University of Cambridge, following an interdisciplinary B.Sc. in Cognitive Systems at The University of British Columbia. She is passionate about interdisciplinary approaches to undergraduate education, particularly geared towards developing critical thinking, creative problem solving, and effective interaction skills.

Professor McAllister is the Head of the College of Social Sciences and teaches Cognitive Neuroscience and Complex Systems.