Ethical Applications of Persuasive Communication

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There is an art to convincing audiences to do something, but mere manipulation is corrosive to long-term relationships. Whether collaborating with colleagues, pitching a product to clients, or negotiating a new contract, you are only as successful as your ability to be understood, to persuade, and to motivate.

For Working Professionals

Through a ten-week curriculum, you will learn and practice the craft of persuasive writing and oral communication under the constraints of a commitment to honesty, openness to criticism, and a high ethical regard for your audience.

Design and deliver persuasive and informative written and oral communications 

Make better decisions about the optimal medium and style for effective expression of concepts

Apply a personalized checklist to optimize your communication work

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Program Details

Most of our students communicate regularly as part of their work, with colleagues, clients, and more. This course is designed to improve your persuasive written and oral communication skills with these audiences. 

  • Ten-week program with 90 minutes of class weekly
  • One-on-one feedback
  • No residential requirement

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Each class meets one day per week, for 90-minute sessions. In addition to the professor-facilitated sessions, you will complete two to three hours of work outside of class each week, including readings and writing assignments. Course instructors will provide direct one-on-one feedback on your work. After satisfying all the requirements by the end of the course, you will receive an official certificate of completion. 

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Course Schedule/
Unit Topic
Motivation: Case studies in successful and failed persuasion
Composition I: Crafting messages with clarity and concision
Modalities I: Choosing your medium
Responsibility I: Types and uses of evidence
Persuasiveness I: Making an emotional connection with your audience
Composition II: Effective use of structure, emphasis, and repetition
Persuasiveness II: Calibrating for specific and general audiences
Responsibility II: Projecting intellectual integrity, candor, and confidence
Modalities II: Best practices for visual, written, and oral presentations
Synthesis: Heuristics for your communication toolkit
Learn From Anywhere

All classes are conducted in live, interactive video seminars via Forum, the advanced learning platform developed by Minerva. There are no lectures and with a newer computer and reliable high-speed internet connection, you can attend classes from anywhere in the world.

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Forum is designed specifically to improve your educational experience, with video-based seminars that provide:

  • Direct interaction with your professor
  • Dynamic instruction, peer learning, and frequent feedback
  • Attendance from anywhere with broadband internet
  • Simplified schedule and assignment management
  • Enhanced performance review and progress tracking

Video: Forum - A New Way to Learn. 

Be persuasive in what you say and write, regardless of the audience or situation. 

With just a ten-week commitment and $1950 tuition, the Ethical Applications of Persuasive Communication short course is an effective way to improve the skills central to your professional success.

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