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The Minerva Speaker’s Bureau was established to provide access to some of the foremost thinkers in higher educational reform. From first principles thinking to technological innovation to cognitive and behavioral science, these seasoned leaders provide insights, experience, and engaging stories for audiences interested in the future of higher education.

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Ben Nelson
Founder and CEO
Ben Nelson is a visionary with a passion for reforming higher education.
  • Rethinking Higher Education in the Digital Age
  • Entrepreneurship: Skill or Luck?
Bob Kerrey
Bob Kerrey
Executive Chairman Minerva Institute for Research and Scholarship
Bob Kerrey directs philanthropic outreach and fundraising in support of student scholarships, as well as faculty and student research initiatives.
  • Challenging the Status Quo in Higher Education
Robin Goldberg Staff Portrait
Robin Goldberg
Chief Experience Officer
Robin Goldberg is responsible for driving student recruitment, student life, city immersion, and the lifelong professional development and support of students.
  • The Importance of Global Education
  • Building a Brand from Scratch
Teri Cannon
Teri Cannon
Chief Student Officer and Chief Accreditation Officer
Teri Cannon oversees three areas at Minerva: Students Affairs, Operations, and Accreditation.
  • Credentialing and Accreditation in the Digital Future
  • Changes in Higher Education
Jonathan Katzman
Jonathan Katzman
Chief Product Officer
Jonathan Katzman leads development of the technology used to provide students an exceptional academic experience, including the hallmark the Minerva Forum platform.
  • The Classroom of the Future