Cristina Acevedo

Cristina Acevedo is a first-year student from Calgary, Canada. She is deeply interested in women’s rights in the workforce and international affairs and aspires to pursue a career in public service. Cristina chose Minerva to join a community of diverse perspectives and cultures and to continue to expand her worldview.

Cristina Acevedo



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Arts & Humanities

“Between the HCs and experiential pedagogy, we will have the foundations to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the world right now, with an extraordinarily multidisciplinary view.”

At Minerva, Cristina has already been able to apply the Habits of Mind and Foundational Concepts (HCs) to a wide variety of her interests, including in equal representation in STEM fields. For her first-year final project and civic project, Cristina is collaborating with local organizations in San Francisco to addresses workplace harassment by empowering victims and allies.