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Natalie Kanter

Natalie Kanter is a fourth-year student studying Social Sciences with a minor in Arts and Humanities. She recently completed an internship at, where she worked alongside the CEO and Vice President of Business Development on a growth funding initiative aimed at engaging more of the world’s youth in social movements that create positive change.

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United States


Social Sciences

Photo: Marcus Reichmann

“I went on dozens of college tours and remember several moments where I thought the schools’ traditions were not at all exciting to me or relevant to what I hope to do during and after college. What Minerva had to offer — travel and immersive classes, for example — was much more suited to me.”

Prior to her work with, Natalie collaborated with Berlin-based civic partner Kiron to create a massive open online course (MOOC) that helps student refugees complete their college degrees. She and a team of her peers researched difficulties with online learning, scripted, and produced an introductory course that all Kiron students are encouraged to take. Natalie came to Minerva because she was attracted to the diverse student body and stimulating academics.