Zichen Cui

Zichen Cui is a fourth-year student from China studying Artificial Intelligence and Business. He decided on Minerva to experience the global rotation with an international student body in order to learn about the relationship between different cultures and systems.

Jeff Cui 2018



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Computational Sciences


“The city is abound with opportunities for growth and development, and immersing in [Hyderabad] gave me new perspectives on economic growth, cultures, and development.

Throughout his global rotation, Zichen participated in civic projects to acquire not only new skills but also the knowledge in how to apply them to different contexts. This past summer, he completed a machine-learning internship with LPixel, an artificial intelligence company in the healthcare sector in Japan. As a member of their R&D department, he researched how to more quickly diagnose ischemic stroke patients and is continuing collaborating with them for his Capstone project.