Ranked #1 Most Innovative University in the World.

-World's Universities with Real Impact (WURI)

Minerva fosters the next generation of ethical, purposeful, and bold global leaders.

Travel and learn in seven cities with students from over 80 countries while being challenged by rigorous academics and developing professional skills. If you are looking for a university experience that will challenge you intellectually to grow in unexpected ways, Minerva is the university for you.

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Innovating Higher Education

Minerva is the most global, immersive, ethical, and purposeful university in the world. Learn more about the key reasons why Minerva surpassed universities with established history in this year's Global Top 100 Most Innovative Universities ranking.

Innovating Higher Education

Fabiola and Julian during a 10:01 in Berlin
Professional Development

Begin professional coaching and experience pivotal opportunities in your first year. Minerva’s Coaching & Talent Development team guides students with advice, access, and advocacy on how to achieve their goals.

Portrait of Lucy in Berlin
Merit-based Admissions

Demonstrate who you are and how you think in your application through sharing your personal accomplishments and completing thought-provoking Challenges.

Immersive Global Experience

Real understanding of the world and its people only comes from exposure to the realities of life in different cities with diverse cultures.

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Alumni Perspective

"Minerva is a place where you take ownership over your own learning. It helps you realize your potential and pick where you put your efforts in the professional or academic setting. Also, Minerva taught me to question everything, which became an integral part of my life and allowed for deeper reflections and understanding of the situations."

Patrycja, Class of 2022

Alumni Perspective