Shiao-li Green

A year before Shiao-li Green began applying to universities, she came across an article about Minerva written by a member of the Founding Class. Unaware of it at the time, that very article would eventually inspire her to submit an application to the Class of 2020, and ultimately change the course of her education.

Shiao-li Student Profile



Country of Origin

United Kingdom 


Computational Sciences

"Something I hadn't anticipated experiencing is [Minerva’s] community spirit. It’s one of the most amazing things about being in such a small cohort.”

During her Foundation Year in San Francisco, for example, she became interested in education technology and was recently selected for a summer internship with Edpuzzle, a free video-editing tool for teachers and students. Whatever career Shiao-li eventually pursues will likely involve math, a subject she has always been passionate about, and the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others.