About Minerva
Guiding Principles

Reinforcing Our Mission by Upholding Our Principles

Minerva is deeply principled, never losing sight of our mission: Nurturing Critical Wisdom for the Sake of the World.

We are intensely focused on improving the future by enhancing student potential to lead the development of innovative solutions to the most complex challenges of our time. The following seven Guiding Principles inform all of our actions, ensuring our efforts support everything we stand for.

Minerva Mission Card

The Minerva mission statement.

Photo: Jules Shell

Being Unconventional

We are unique, standing apart from other universities and other ways of learning. We believe there is a better way and refuse to settle for the status quo. We challenge conventional thinking, anticipating needs and desires, and championing novel approaches. By delivering the unexpected — that which brings a sense of mystery, or a moment of delight — we encourage further discovery.

We never do things simply because others do, instead we develop different, more effective solutions.

Being Human

We are deeply curious and cosmopolitan. We embrace the energy and complexity of the world, seeking to understand the diverse cultures we live in. We build relationships through respectful, personal connections. By celebrating the power of different perspectives, we promote mutual understanding and shared ideas.

We eliminate barriers to human interaction, emphasizing meaningful contact.

Being Confident

We are bold and decisive, unwavering in our commitment and beliefs. We take informed risks and make prudent decisions, without fear of failure. We approach challenges directly, working through adversity and complexity. By acting with conviction, we are able to advance our progressive vision for the future.

We act with clear intent and strong judgment, yet understand that confidence does not mean hubris or arrogance.

Being Thoughtful

We continually analyze, evaluate, and examine, incorporating depth and dimension. We look for things others do not see, including details and information that add nuance and levels of interest beyond what is immediately evident. We are considered in our own views, initiating discussion and debate, and treating those that disagree with dignity and respect.

We never accept superficial thinking or lack of due diligence and expect others to engage with the same level of depth and scrutiny.

Being Selective

We are prestigious, exacting, and rigorous, attracting the finest talent in the world. We focus our time and attention on the people, institutions, and initiatives that are most important for our collective success. We carefully consider what we present to the world, producing high quality with clear intention.

We are not suitable for everyone, but neither are we elitist.

Being Authentic

We communicate openly and candidly, addressing people directly and conveying heartfelt emotion. We welcome honest dialogue, even about sensitive or controversial topics. We impart accurate information with genuine sincerity, building trust and establishing mutual respect.

We avoid anything artificial, false, or contrived; hyperbole breeds suspicion and erodes credibility.

Being Driven

We are ambitious, always pushing to transcend the commonplace. We look for opportunities to improve, refining our approach, and enhancing the outcomes for our students and the world. We work to reach apotheosis, the highest point of achievement. Only by constantly striving to excel will we realize our full potential.

We never settle for “good enough”; if we can’t accomplish excellence, we pursue a different route.