A New Vision for Excellence in Higher Education

Minerva University strives to develop problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, and wise leaders from around the globe; and weave them together as one community to address the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Our undergraduate students come together as future leaders and entrepreneurs from 100 nations to live and learn together in multiple culturally vibrant cities around the world over four years of study with a shared goal in mind – to contribute to a safer, more sustainable world.

Global Immersion

We transcend borders and challenge students to step outside their comfort zones and into projects and experiences designed to expand their critical thinking, life and career skills, all while building their global networks.

Innovative Pedagogy

We develop exceptional problem-solvers through foundational, interdisciplinary first year courses and a project-based curriculum. Faculty teach in small dialogue-based seminars that actively engage students.

Unwavering Support

We foster growth both in and out of our unique, immersive virtual classroom and provide unfettered access to professors and a Coaching and Talent Development team who collaborate with students on their learning journey.

of Minerva students come from outside the U.S.


Most Innovative University in the World 2022 and 2023 by World's Universities with Real Impact


countries represented in the Minerva University community


student to faculty ratio at Minerva University


Minerva University’s team are highly engaged professionals, dedicated to growing today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.

“Our ambition for Minerva is huge. We are working to prepare tomorrow’s global leaders for a world that desperately needs men and women who can think critically and creatively, who can communicate and work with others, and who are brave enough to tell us the truth rather than what we want to hear.”

Bob KerreyBob Kerrey
Bob Kerrey
Chair Emeritus


Our faculty are a globally diverse group of experts with extensive teaching experience. Not only do they believe in Minerva University’s pedagogical approach, but they are unwavering in their dedication to our students.


Together, Minerva University’s staff form the backbone of our institution and are passionate about supporting the university and its students on the path to individual and group successes.


Our university Cabinet and directors are all leaders in their respective fields, are distributed globally, and support our students to inform their growth and that of our institution.

Undergraduate Program

Minerva University nurtures the innate potential of students and helps them grow into the leaders our world needs. Students gain intellectual skills and knowledge they can transfer to multiple career paths and find success in a world full of uncertainty.

Graduate Program

Minerva University’s graduate programs build on foundations that inform success. In these programs, students learn how to think critically, approach problems creatively, and develop solutions that have real impact.

Giving Back

Minerva University’s financial assistance program is funded by generous donations that we invest into a brighter future for our students. We actively seek out the support of willing individuals who share our vision for improving the access to and quality of higher education.