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A key element to Minerva University’s success is its extraordinary and dedicated faculty who provide a unique and unparalleled learning experience for students. Minerva’s faculty are a globally diverse group of experts not only in their fields but in the science of learning pedagogy. They have a deep commitment to teaching, Minerva’s mission, and its student-centered approach.

Dean, Associate Deans, and Faculty

“My research on learning led me to Minerva. I am excited to put theory into practice at the first university built on the science of learning principles.”

“University curricula should be based on evidence of how learning works. I am devoted to improving the quality of higher education through collaboration with innovative institutions”

“Classes at Minerva are more engaging, intellectually enriching, and skillfully designed than any I have experienced elsewhere; it’s exciting to be part of something so dynamic.”

“Nothing beats getting to spend your time tackling problems that are deeply important to you. Doing that at Minerva, with incredible students and colleagues, is icing on the cake.”

“Minerva’s platform and curriculum foster intimate and engaging examinations of complex ideas, providing the foundation for innovative approaches to analyzing the past and present.”