A Conversation with Minerva Student Hao Juan

Meet Hao, a student in the Class of 2026 | Aug 30, 2022

Quick Facts

Hao Juan



Intended Majors

Computational Sciences and Social Sciences


What excites you the most about attending Minerva?

I am most excited about the opportunity to visit different places and meet different people. I think this is very beneficial to meet people who have diverse cultural backgrounds, unique ideas, and speak different languages.

What was your favorite accomplishment that you submitted in your Minerva application?

I am a gamer and I like to play a lot of games, study games, and make them by myself. The two accomplishments that I am most proud of are two games that I created. I publicly released them on Steam, an online gaming platform, and I have many players from all over the world. I think it is valuable to hear feedback from them and learn what they think of my games.

What major are you most interested in pursuing?

I am thinking of majoring in Computational Sciences and Social Sciences. I still want to make games but I want my games to be both fun to play and have a very deep meaning so that they can solve some current issues in our society. I think that Social Sciences help you identify what problems to solve, and Computational Sciences help you know how to solve those problems. That is why I wish to study these two majors.

What kind of people do you think should apply to Minerva?

I think Minerva University is a perfect place for students who want to pursue challenges and try things they have never tried before. This university provides us with very different academic opportunities from other colleges. The academic programs, global rotation, and the Minerva lifestyle are very different from other universities, and I believe this can help us be well-prepared for the ever-changing world.

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