A Mission of Traditional to Unconventional

by: Alexander Bricken | Feb 19, 2019

Beaks. Bills. Blocks. Chambers. Divs. EWs. Rustications. The words I spoke.

Tailcoat, black leather shoes, white bow tie, and a waistcoat with a button undone because Edward the 7th was simply far too rotund to fasten it. The clothes I wore.

Field game. Fives. Bridge. Bumps. Ties. The activities I participated in.

Now, some of you may think what on Earth am I on about? The all-boys boarding school Eton College is what. These really were the norms of my life within the walls of the hyper-traditional and what brought me to the need to experience the polar opposite.

My application to Minerva was initially a whim; I really did not know much about the university. However, once I experienced Ascent, Minerva’s admitted students weekend, it eventually became a dream and now, fortunately, a reality. I had always been interested in more effective education; however, I never thought I could literally be a student on the cutting edge of it.

While some external people may have understanding for what Minerva really represents, I know that I speak for myself and my classmates when I say Minerva truly is a family, an incubator for success, and a lifelong journey. From civic partnerships with fantastic companies such as Khan Academy and Sparrow, to memorable moments like dancing on the hilltops of San Francisco with friends, Minerva really does offer an experience like no other.

HCs. ILOs. MiCos. The Forum. 10:01s. Our Minerva mission has just begun.