Application Advice – A Guide for Minerva's Transcripts & School Requirements (For Counselors & School Officials)

by: Minerva Admissions Team | Oct 18, 2022

At Minerva, admissions is based entirely on an applicant’s own merits. We celebrate students who demonstrate their talent and potential independently, eliminating the preferential treatment inherent in other traditional admissions processes.

Like other universities, Minerva reviews school transcripts during our evaluation process. We have redesigned the application process to make it accessible and affordable to all applicants. Applicants are not required to translate their transcripts or to send them via mail, saving them significant time and money with transcript validation, translation and mailing fees.

Minerva University requests that a counselor, teacher, school staff, or principal submit the official documentation on behalf of each applicant.

Below you will find a quick guide with the most common questions we get from counselors regarding the academic section of our application:

1) What documents am I required to submit?

Minerva requires transcripts covering each applicant's academic record for the past three years. Please submit records for any/all of the time that your student was enrolled at your school during the past three years. We also require you to answer a short form about your student's academic performance.

Additionally, if your country's educational system requires that high school students take a national examination required for graduation, please provide the final or predicted results for your student (e.g. IB, KCSE, Cambridge A-Levels, Bagrut, etc.).

2) How do I upload transcripts for students who are applying to Minerva?

Each student will send you a personalized link to submit documents online. Please follow the link to complete a short form, and upload each student’s transcript directly to their Minerva application.

3) What should I do if I cannot answer some parts of the academic form?

If you do not have information for some of the questions asked (e.g. you are not sure about the school’s or student’s rank), please provide your best estimate and answer the alternate questions. If you have to leave some questions blank to submit the form, the admissions team will contact you directly through email if they need to confirm any additional information.

4) I already submitted information for this student through the Common Application (Naviance). What do I need to submit to Minerva?

Unfortunately, we only receive basic application information from the Common Application. Please complete the short form and upload the student's academic records directly to their Minerva file, using the link provided by your applicant.

5) Where can I upload a letter of recommendation?

Minerva does not require recommendation letters as part of our admissions process. However, if you would like to provide a recommendation, you may upload it with the student’s transcript.

6) Our school does not allow uploading transcripts. What should I do?

You may send the transcript to Minerva through an electronic service or through the mail. Please select this option by following the link provided in the applicant’s email, and be sure to complete the questions in the form component of this step.

Transcripts sent through an electronic service should be sent to:

Mailing transcripts can be costly to your students and will take longer for us to receive and therefore for their application to be considered complete. We strongly suggest that you submit everything electronically to meet the deadline. However, if you need to mail your student's transcripts, please use the following information:

Attn: Admissions Office

14 Mint Plaza, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

7) My school does not have a school profile. What should I do?

The school profile is optional, though we highly encourage you to include one if possible. Proceed to upload the transcript and answer the other required questions. You can submit the form without attaching a school profile.

We hope that this guide was helpful. If you have any remaining questions, please use our chat feature or send an email to