A Conversation with Minerva Student Faye

Meet Faye, a student in the Class of 2026 | Nov 18, 2022

Quick Facts


Faye Crawford


South Africa



Intended Major

Social Sciences


What made you apply to Minerva?

I could tell you that I applied to Minerva because I think that it will contribute to my future career or because I agreed with the educational principles or because I liked the idea of traveling the world - and all of those things would be true. But the real reason why I applied is because I read about going to Minerva, I got excited, and I could see myself there. I knew it was the place I was supposed to be.

What was your favorite accomplishment that you submitted in your Minerva application?

My favorite accomplishment from my Minerva application is probably my acceptance letter to a charitable organization that I volunteered with. The reason for that is because this program was completely non-competitive, and none of the other colleges that I applied to even cared that I did it. Being able to put that in my application and feeling encouraged by Minerva to do so made me feel like they cared about the achievements and the parts of my life that I cared about and not just the ones that looked good on my CV.

What major are you most interested in pursuing and how will it contribute to your career?

I know that I am interested in the Social Sciences and the capacity that that field has to do good for the work in human rights, education, and women's rights sectors. I think that the Minerva model of real-life application to the world in Social Sciences, which can be a subject that gets tied up in academics and does not ever become applicable, is really important.

What excites you the most about Minerva?

I am excited about the adventure that I think it is going to be. It is the people that are from all over the world that I am going to get a chance to meet. It is the cities that I probably never would have even visited without Minerva that I am going to get to live in for four months at a time. It is the academics that I am going to get to take into my own hands for the first time and I am going to get to engage with in a way that matters to me. It is the feeling that I am taking control of my own life and doing something that is crazy, adventurous, and so exciting.

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