Five Student Tips on How to Succeed in an Online Classroom

by Minerva University | Mar 30, 2020

In order to help ease the transition into an online learning environment, Minerva students offer advice on how to avoid distractions, study effectively, and stay engaged in class. To help ease the transition into an online learning environment, here are their five helpful and easily accessible tips on how to set yourself up for virtual success.

  1. “You may be tempted to take classes in bed, but if you want to learn, you should choose a position and location that helps you stay alert!”
  2. “Silence your notifications! Whether in class or studying, limit distractions so that you can remain focused.”
  3. “Have a goal when you read or review and take notes. Simply reading through content multiple times often gives a false impression of learning and is one of the easiest traps to fall into when you’re a tired student.”
  4. “Try taking notes by hand instead of typing as research shows you remember information better that way. Use shorter phrases and abbreviations so you don’t fall behind.”
  5. “Stay motivated! Before each class, video, or quiz, remind yourself why taking this class will help you achieve your goals. After, reflect on how you might use what you learned moving forward.”

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