Letter From Buenos Aires

See Buenos Aires through Helen Prykhodko's perspective | Dec 22, 2022

Hola from Buenos Aires,

I still cannot believe that in 50 days, I am going to be home, or rather, in my ‘original’ home — the hospitality of porteños (that is what locals call themselves) made Buenos Aires feel like one as well.

We have been getting lots of Vitamin D as the summer is coming here, and eating delicious meals like asado, empanadas, and provoleta. It is funny how many restaurants do not salt the food, so we always carry the necessary spices when going out. I am surprised by how many green parks there are in the city — perfect for grabbing coffee and studying on the grass. Amidst all the classes and side projects, it is nice to relax in nature.

Buenos Aires offered so many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I am inspired by all my classmates learning Spanish, going mount climbing, taking tango classes, and even swimming in our rooftop pool. We have also met and worked with some of the largest Argentinian companies, like food brands Molinos and NotCo. The NotCo built an artificial intelligence technology to create plant-based food and encourage sustainable living. All business students are now analyzing its profit model, and computer science majors are digging deeper into the artificial intelligence side.

I feel like Buenos Aires offered something for everyone, from fantastic co-working cafes with truly magnificent coffee and alfajores to kayaking in Tigre and doing yoga in the parks. The city feels alive as you see porteños playing football, enjoying live music, and playing with dogs; believe me, I have never seen so many dogs. We also enjoyed the night in museums when access to art and historical monuments were free. I felt like in a movie when all the exhibits came alive.

Friendsgiving break is coming close, and we plan to explore more of Argentina. Some will see Iguazú Falls, while others will visit “the end of the world” and see the penguins in Ushuaia. I cannot wait to spend memorable moments with all my friends and cannot think of a better way to celebrate how far we have come together. Most of us are the first people in our bloodlines to step foot on the continent of South America, and we thank you for everything you have done for us to be here!

Hasta luego,

Class of 2024

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