The Professional Development Agency

Lifelong Career Support


Minerva's Professional Development Agency dramatically improves upon the career services found at other universities.

The Professional Development Agency dramatically improves upon the career services found at other universities. 

The agency is structured to enhance the career trajectories of students and alumni through three key services.

The Professional Development Agency

  • Unlimited access to career specialists
  • Global network of academic, political, social and business leaders
  • Ongoing personal promotion and publicity
  • Resources for venture funding and entrepreneurial support

Coaching and Advising

Beginning in the first year of studies, our team of coaches helps students articulate their personal values, passions, and career goals. 

As students progress along their individual paths, we continue to work with them to provide career guidance, including the type of roles worth pursuing, missteps to avoid, and techniques for ascending from one position to the next. Through a clear understanding of individuals, our coaches help steer those they support on an appropriate career path in their chosen fields.


Job Placement and Talent Recruitment

Our recruitment team is focused on identifying exciting, productive, and relevant opportunities for students and alumni. 

By maintaining connections with top employers across disciplines, the team provides an extensive global pipeline to the spectrum of corporate, educational, non-profit, and government organizations. 

Additionally, Minerva has developed an Employer Advisory Board to ensure that the practical skills students learn at Minerva are applicable to the current and future needs of employers. In this way, we enable students to be immediate and effective contributors, while preparing them for long-term success. 

For those students that choose entrepreneurial paths, the recruitment team also works to identify and select executives and board members for their ventures.

Job Placement

Publicity and Speaker’s Bureau

Our team of publicists promotes student accomplishments by highlighting their individual achievements, as well as those of the organizations they represent. 

The publicity team also supports a speaker’s bureau, which identifies and manages student and alumni appearances at relevant events. By providing a range of platforms for sharing ideas, expertise, and inspiration, this team helps develop students’ public personas, positioning them as innovative thinkers and, eventually, experts in their chosen fields.


From first-year summer internships through leadership positions at top organizations, The Professional Development Agency provides lifelong guidance and support for successful careers on the world stage.

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