Minerva University DECA Scholarship

Minerva University is intentionally designed to develop emerging leaders, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs committed to a safe, sustainable and equitable future.


Minerva University DECA Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in Minerva University’s DECA Scholarship. Minerva University strives to develop problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, and wise leaders from around the globe; and weave them together as one community to address the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Our undergraduate students come together as future leaders and entrepreneurs from 100 nations to live and learn together in multiple culturally vibrant cities around the world over four years of study with a shared goal in mind - to contribute to a safer, more sustainable world. 

Sound like the right fit for you? 

We have partnered with DECA to offer a one-time $5,000 scholarship to someone who exemplifies these values.

The Minerva University Experience

Our undergraduate program is designed to develop the leaders and problem-solvers of our future.

Global Immersion

True learning comes from participating in the world firsthand. Throughout the global rotation you will engage in rich cultural experiences, learn how to navigate new and unfamiliar contexts, develop connections with local communities, and have opportunities to immerse in challenging global programs.

Small Dialogue-Based Seminars

All classes at Minerva University are discussion-based seminars with around 20 students. Taught by faculty trained to teach for the most effective learning, your education will take both an interdisciplinary and concentrated approach.

Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning

Knowledge developed in class is immediately applied in culturally immersive and interdisciplinary project-based opportunities around the world. Minerva University students are exposed to an abundance of experiential opportunities.

Deca Scholarship

How to apply

Application Process

1 -
Must complete Minerva University's Admissions Application.

  • No application fee
  • No biased measures or standardized tests like the SAT, ACT or IELTS 
  • One more application could make all the difference!

2 - Must complete the Minerva University DECA Scholarship form below and respond to the writing prompt.

Respond thoughtfully to the prompt within a 250-word limit, recognizing that your reply is a crucial aspect of our selection process. Ensure your response is crafted with precision, showcasing your unique voice while adhering to impeccable grammar and spelling. This opportunity to express your vision and commitment is a vital component of our selection process, so seize the chance to reveal the essence of who you are and how you envision leveraging a Minerva education to tackle the challenges that inspire you.

Scholarship Details:

Based upon participation in DECA and acceptance into Minerva University. 

One time award of $5,000 to be used toward Minerva University tuition. Non-renewable. 

Minerva University

Deadline Date
January 16, 2024

Selection Criteria
Must be admitted to Minerva University and an active member of DECA.

2. The scholarship committee will assess applications based on academic standing and the quality of the 250-word essay.

3. A single candidate from the pool of scholarship applicants will be chosen as the scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Amount

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San Francisco

Buenos Aires
San Francisco
San Francisco embodies the full depth and breadth of the full Minerva University student experience. During your time in this bustling city, you will enjoy intensive, location-based learning with leading figures and organizations. Outside of the classroom, everything from intensive civic projects to morning rituals, running, yoga, and many other stimulating activities are right at your doorstep.
When you are not engaging with the city of Berlin as a globally-curious student, you can engage with it in ways that intertwine with your studies and make a real difference. During your time at Minerva University (not just in Berlin), you’ll have many opportunities to get involved with local organizations to help them tackle relevant real-world issues through dedicated civic projects.
Buenos Aires
Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital city is where you will find yourself engaging in discussions on human rights, climate change, cognitive challenges, and more with local experts. You may attend workshops on human rights activism, and in your free time get your body moving with tango lessons or a visit to the local horse stables.
Visit textile companies for business assignments, attend coffee-making workshops, take in the sunrise at Khajaguda Hill. There is even an opportunity to learn how to cook local dishes for your classmates. At Minerva University, you might carve out a space for yourself in Hyderabad and make lifelong memories with your classmates and the locals.
Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of London, experience the cultural melting pot of the city, and enjoy driving community initiatives amongst your classmates that link directly to your coursework. One example of a previous Minerva University student’s experience in London revolves around her getting her classmates involved in a sustainability drive to demonstrate how achievable a sustainable lifestyle can be.
In South Korea’s fast growing and vibrant capital city, you may find yourself engaging with locals and your classmates in high-energy settings. Whether you are studying infectious diseases, embracing your artistic side and getting inspired by the awe-inspiring city around you, or immersing yourself in K-pop culture, there is no shortage of activities and learning opportunities in Seoul.
Ever wondered what it would be like to tour the first-ever botanical garden, or attend a workshop dedicated to learning about traditional Chinese medicine? In Taipei, you may experience all this and much more. You can also attend forums on global youth trends, network at events, and visit Ircad Taiwan, a state-of-the-art telesurgical training center.

Student Profiles

Lean into your exploratory and investigative nature by learning more about Minerva University students and their successes. We have collated a list of profiles for you to gain an understanding, not only of our students but of the experience you can have at Minerva University.



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