Graduate-Level Online Certificate in Decision Analysis

Level up your career with advanced skills to tackle complex challenges.

The Certificate in Decision Analysis is a one-year, online, part-time program designed to equip working professionals with critical skills for success in any field. During the program students will learn and apply the habits of mind and foundational concepts (HCs) that enable them to tackle complex problems and make informed decisions across contexts.

The awarding of this certificate represents an advanced, multidimensional expertise in decision analysis, and will qualify working professionals for new career advancement opportunities in a wide range of employment sectors.

Key Program Features:

  • Synchronous online program
  • Part-time format
  • 12-months to completion
  • Affordable tuition and fees totaling $23,700
  • Active learning for global leaders, problem-solvers, and change-makers

Curriculum Overview


HC Pie Still

Formal Methods for Analysis and Decision Making

Learn how to represent situations systematically and logically, using concepts in mathematics, probability and statistics, computer science, and logic. The subject matter used to illustrate this material will typically be drawn from a wide range of pivotal real-world problems. (2 semesters)

Decision Making in Complex Social Systems

Use tools and concepts from complexity theory to understand people and groups as complex systems. With this approach, we target the core competency of “effective interaction” with others, including analysis of case studies from a variety of global contexts that consider topics from leadership and negotiation to understanding yourself and your own goals. (2 semesters)

Frameworks for Evidence-Based Decision Making

Learn to apply advanced problem solving skills and decision making frameworks to complex problems. Use data and evidence to define and characterize complex problems and generate viable solutions while analyzing and mitigating the effect of cognitive biases on the process of decision making. (1 semester)

Applications of Scientific Inquiry

Use the scientific method in interdisciplinary contexts to design research that tests innovative hypotheses and informs decision making. This class focuses on topics in the social and natural sciences that transcend disciplinary boundaries. (1 semester)

Learning Effectively

Learning Effectively

Active Learning

Earning the Certificate in Decision Analysis

The Certificate in Decision Analysis includes the completion of a total of 24 credits. Completion of two additional analytical focused courses and of a thesis will enable awarding the Master of Science in Decision Analyses (12 more credits for a total of 36).

Admissions Process

Applications for Fall 2023 are now open.