2019 MDA graduates, 
Rio Dluzak and Katy Carlin, 
taking class in a San Francisco co-working space

Active Learning from Anywhere

As an MDA student, you will engage with your cohort of diverse professionals in a dynamic virtual classroom environment.

Minerva’s active learning approach, based in the science of learning, enables you to deeply understand course material and apply it to real professional contexts, equipping you with universal decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Classes are led by a team of world-renowned faculty, who are experts in their fields. By introducing, reinforcing, and evaluating your use of specific capabilities, Minerva professors help you learn, practice, then master these skills over time.

Rather than centering on memorization, each class offers opportunities to debate, investigate, collaborate, and apply key concepts. All Minerva classes are conducted via Forum™, an advanced interactive platform that enables engagement in multiple formats, including breakout groups, polls, simulations, and presentations. This range of learning modalities gives you numerous opportunities to develop and apply practical knowledge that is both relevant to your career and critical for the world.


Each discussion-based seminar pushes you to continuously interact with your professors and classmates. Through this deep collaboration, you learn to question assumptions, analyze information, perform simulations, devise novel solutions, and fundamentally reshape the way you think about the world.

Applications for Fall 2022 are now open.



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Merit-based Admissions

Minerva’s unique admissions process eliminates unfair biases and focuses on who you are, how you think, and what you have accomplished.

Curated Career Resources

To help you advance your career, Minerva will help you identify your goals, explore possible paths, and develop a realistic plan to achieve them.

Affordable Education

The MDA is both affordable and can be financed with optional student loans.