Certificate in Decision Analysis (CDA)

Hone your leadership and decision-making skills

Whether you are a rising or established leader determined to make a positive impact on the world, Minerva University’s part-time Certificate in Decision Analysis (CDA) helps you gain the wisdom and skills to become a passionate and driven change maker.

With this online certificate, you will form Habits of Mind and Foundational Concepts (HCs) that offer a structured approach to learning lifelong practical and adaptable skills that allow you to find success in any sector. This certification has you learning to interpret data, develop solutions, and structure conclusions within complex systems to become an adaptable and knowledgeable leader.

Program of Study

This certification is made up of four online, practical courses that build on your problem solving and leadership skills. In the end, you will receive 24 academic credits and your certificate, which show that you have the knowledge to be a courageous leader in your organization.

Most Minerva University CDA students complete the certification in one year of part-time study, but you can also choose to finish it in 24 months. Use the below information to define your graduate education.

of the CDA students who wanted to transfer to the MDA program have been able to do so.

12 Month CDA


Frameworks for Evidence-Based Decision Making (NS350)
2x 90min / week | 15 weeks
Formal Methods for Analysis and Decision Making I (CS350)
2x 90min / week | 15 weeks


Applications of Scientific Inquiry (NS351)
2x 90min / week | 15 weeks
Formal Methods for Analysis and Decision Making II (CS351)
2x 90min / week | 15 weeks


Decision Making in Complex Social Systems (NS352)
4 x 90-min. / week | 8 weeks


Critical Analysis of Consequential Decisions (SS360)
3 x 90-min. / week | 8 weeks Group or whole class meetings
Daeil ChunDaeil Chun
Daeil Chun

Class of 2022

"Minerva's MDA program was exceptional. Not only did it focus on big data analysis and statistics, but also combined it with the psychological dimensions of life."


Choose your path

The CDA is a flexible, part-time program, which means that you get to choose between two defined timelines that dictate how long it will take you to finish the course. For a more expanded version of this course, investigate the Master of Science in Decision Analysis.

The CDA curriculum comprises four practical knowledge courses designed to develop your creative and critical thinking skills and teach you to interact more effectively.

Required Courses

Formal Methods for Analysis and Decision Making
Decision Making in Complex Social Systems
Critical Analysis of Consequential Decisions
Frameworks for Evidence-Based Decision-Making
Applications of Scientific Inquiry

Cultural Immersion

Add an immersive experience to your studies with an optional one-week, in-person program. Explore a global location and meet with local leaders in business and government, expand your global professional network, and engage with unfamiliar settings and new cultures. The costs and fees associated with the immersion program include your housing, food, airfare, programming, and transportation to events for a total of approximately $3,000 USD.

Transferring to the MDA

Once you have completed the CDA, you can petition to transfer to the Master of Science in Decision Analysis (MDA) degree and apply the credits you have earned to that degree. If you decide to transfer, you will need to complete the remaining MDA curriculum, which includes two courses and a master’s thesis.

Apply to Minerva University's Certificate in Decision Analysis graduate program and hone the skills to become a creative decision maker and problem solver.