Jason Lindo, 
Global Director & City Director for San Francisco

Jason Lindo serves as a Global Director for Student Life and the City Director of San Francisco. He specializes in approaches to global learning, as well as student development through the lens of experiential learning and socio-cultural theoretical approaches. Prior to joining Minerva in 2016 he worked in team development and supported relationships at Coach Inc. for five years. He earned his Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership with a focus in International Education from the American College of Education and a Master of Arts degree in Literature from California State University, Stanislaus.

As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Lindo is impassioned about enacting change through thoughtful engagement and research-based approaches that support student success and has studied and worked internationally. He leads a team to support an ecology of learning for Minerva students - the emerging minds of the world - to challenge their natural parochialism through active encounters with those who speak, think, and believe unlike themselves.