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Develop decision-making skills to maximize your impact.

As a Teach for All Fellow, you have already demonstrated your commitment to addressing complex problems and inequality.

Minerva University's graduate program offerings are designed for professionals like you. You will develop the skills to be an adaptive leader who can deconstruct problems, interpret complex data, and devise effective solutions, in order to drive meaningful improvements in any sector.

In honor of your experience with Teach for All, you will automatically qualify for a $10,000 scholarship towards the program’s tuition.

We hope that these programs will accelerate your ability to make profound organizational and societal change.


Minerva’s Master of Science in Decision Analysis (MDA) program is designed to equip emerging leaders with critical thinking, creative thinking, effective interaction and collaboration competencies to make a meaningful impact in any organization. In this 21-month, part-time, remote graduate program, employees acquire key transferable leadership and analytical skills, through the practical application of frameworks and concepts across multiple contexts.


Marianna Consequent MDA


We offer a Certificate in Decision Analysis for the first 24 credits of our Master in Decision Analysis program. The certificate can be completed in 12 months (three semesters) and will equip participants with important decision making skills with shorter time commitment than the full graduate program.

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program overview

program overview

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Academic Program

The graduate curriculum focuses on utilizing big data to inform decisions of consequence. With courses covering complex analysis, research methods, and information-based decision-making, you will gain the interdisciplinary knowledge and practical skills. The thesis enables you to apply your learning to a substantive topic of your choosing.

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the science of learning

the science of learning

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Minerva’s admissions process is designed to provide talented professionals from around the world with better access to transformational opportunities in education. By eliminating biases, including standardized tests and admissions fees, our merit-based approach focuses on who you are, how you think, and what you have achieved. The admissions process requires an application form, your CV/resume and transcript, and the completion of two short, online challenges. Qualified applicants will be invited to a virtual interview.

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hear from the mda community

hear from the mda community

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