Ben Wilkoff

Associate Director of Admissions Operations

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  • 2007 National Totally Wired Teacher of the Year, Edutopia Magazine and Yahoo
  • Keynote speaker and presenter of over 25 distinct EdTech and Operations sessions
  • Google Certified Innovator - Chicago 2013 cohort
  • Innovative Education Colorado Board Member and Vice-President
  • Writer and Podcaster at Learning is Change since 2004

Ben Wilkoff is the Associate Director of Admissions Operations for Minerva University. Every day he gets to review materials of incredibly talented applicants from around the world. Prior to this, he managed Virtual Reality and Mobile Learning initiatives at The University of Colorado, led the Blended and Personalized Learning efforts for the largest schools districts in Colorado, and was named the Totally Wired Teacher of the year in 2007 by Edutopia (as he taught English to Middle School students). He is married to his favorite person, and loves his three children quite a little bit (aged 8, 14 and 16).