John Levitt, Ph.D.


College of Computational Sciences


  • Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Faculty member for Pomona College Academy for Youth Success
  • Instructor for the Mathematics Achievement Program at University of California, Santa Barbara

A former member of the mathematics departments at Occidental College and Pomona College, Professor John Levitt conducted research on the Minimal Model Program in algebraic geometry, derived categories, and enumerative geometry. He has also been involved in competitive machine learning.

Levitt has a background in active learning strategies inside and outside the classroom and has been involved his entire career in transforming his students' views of mathematics as a body of facts to a problem solving process. As a faculty member, he taught a broad spectrum of mathematics courses using these strategies, ranging from calculus and linear algebra to advanced seminars in geometry and set theory. Levitt has also been heavily involved in several community outreach programs.