Nikki Eberhardt, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

College of Business


  • Presenter TEDx Oxford
  • Emcee and host for NASA Space Center Cross Industry Innovation Summit, Vienna Pioneers Technology Summit, and Grenada Ecosystems 2030
  • Moderator and convener for San Francisco Professional Business Women of California Conference, Oxford Said Business School Capstone, Davos World Economic Forum event, and the Skoll World Forum on "Blockchain, AI, Impact Investing”
  • Event producer Global Citizen, Sundance Film Festival, Nelson Mandela Foundation peace film promotion, and the Vatican social entrepreneurship summit
  • Curator and editor for the “Responsible Business” Progress Daily
  • Co-Founder and President of United Nations Women Chapter

Nikki Eberhardt's life goal is to empower people with audacious solutions in order to tackle the globe’s most intractable challenges. She seeks to disrupt at the intersection of technology and scalable social impact. She is Assistant Professor of Business at Minerva—teaching startup finance, marketing and global business. She has an M.A. in International Development from Brigham Young University, an M.B.A. from Said Business School at Oxford, and a Ph.D. in Global Sociology from the University of Utah.

Eberhardt currently serves on Delta’s Global Talent Team to craft leadership development and mentor culture strategies. She is EVP Impact eThree + Director Partnerships at ZSchool, a digital platform promoting generational change. She also works with Global Citizen—a movement harnessing voices of global citizens, influencers, world leaders, and corporations to fundraise and advocate for the end of extreme poverty.