Scott Wisor
Scott Wisor, Ph.D., 
Associate Professor of Arts and Humanities

  • Author of Measuring Global Poverty: Toward a Pro-Poor Approach (Palgrave) and The Ethics of Global Poverty: An Introduction (Routledge)
  • Previously held research and teaching positions at Australian National University and the University of Birmingham
  • Over twenty other publications including in the journals Ethics and International Affairs, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Ethics and Global Politics, and the Journal of Philosophical Research
  • Participated in a joint effort to design the Individual Deprivation Measure, a new gender-sensitive approach to multidimensional poverty measurement

Professor Scott Wisor focuses his teaching and research on ethics and international affairs. His forthcoming book is The Ethics of Global Poverty: An Introduction (Routledge). Wisor received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his B.A. in Philosophy and History from Washington University in St. Louis.

Wisor encourages students to write frequently and to subject their ideas to regular critical examination. He believes Minerva's small, interactive classrooms help students to analyze and evaluate arguments, improving their critical thinking skills. Professor Wisor teaches the Morality and Justice Core Course and the Creating Ethical Political and Social Systems Concentration Course.