Non-Discrimination Policy

This document provides critical information on Minerva’s Non-discrimination Policy to confront and reject all manifestations of discrimination, including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or citizenship, religious or political beliefs, status within or outside Minerva, or any of the other differences among people that have been excuses for misunderstanding, dissension, or hatred.

Annual Security Report

This report is published to provide valuable information for our community and to comply with the important provisions of the Clery Act and ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. This document contains information about Minerva University's services and resources, training and crime prevention.

Undergraduate Student Handbook

The Undergraduate Student Handbook provides essential information about all aspects of Minerva life, including the history of Minerva, academics, residential life, regulations and policies, financial specifics, and other additional resources.

Graduate Student Handbook

The Graduate Student Handbook provides essential information about all aspects of Minerva life, including the history of Minerva, academics, regulations and policies, financial specifics, and other additional resources.

Minerva Undergraduate Overview

A simple description of Minerva, including basic program components and relevant facts designed to be easy to review and discuss.

Alumni Professional Ventures

Learn more about Minerva graduates’ current professional ventures, as well as select examples to show the alumni’s breadth in career roles and interests.

Graduate Programs in Decision Analysis Overview

This document provides an overview of Minerva's graduate offerings—the Master of Science in Decision Analysis (MDA) program and the Certificate in Decision Analysis (CDA), including information on the programs' structure and application process.

Emergency Management Plan

This emergency management plan is intended to prepare Minerva University to deal with emergencies and threats to community safety at our resident halls and offices in San Francisco, California.

Sex and Gender Discrimination: Prohibited Sexual Conduct Policy

The mission of Minerva is to nurture critical wisdom for the sake of the world. We apply critical wisdom in establishing policies and procedures that are fair and impartial, including this policy regarding prohibited sexual conduct.

Minerva University Accreditation Letter

Minerva University is an accredited member of the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

State Authorization

State authorization allows accredited universities to offer academic programs to students nationwide in the United States. Minerva University works to identify U.S. state board regulations for the varying programs that we offer, and seek approvals, so remote students can participate in our programs from where they are based. Minerva makes every effort to ensure licensure information is current; however, licensure regulations are frequently revised.

Disability Services

Minerva University has an institutional commitment to provide equal educational opportunities for qualified students with disabilities in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Student Grievances Policy

Detailed information about student complaint policy and procedures is available in the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Handbooks.

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credit is credit for academic courses taken at other colleges or universities.

Credit Hour Policy

Credit hours are a commonly accepted means of measuring student engagement for multiple purposes, including accreditation.

Student Retention and Graduation Rates

Minerva University reports annual statistics on student retention and completion. You can view a summary here.

Student Achievement

Our foundational learning outcomes let us follow core competencies over a student’s time at Minerva.