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Robin Goldberg
Chief Experience Officer

Minerva’s Chief Experience Officer Robin Goldberg leads all aspects of the student experience. Goldberg is responsible for driving student recruitment, student life, city immersion, and the lifelong professional development and support of students. She is also responsible for marketing and creative, which includes managing the Minerva brand, building awareness, and driving engagement. Prior to Minerva, Goldberg worked at Blurb, where she held the positions of Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, and Senior Vice President of Blurb International. During her tenure there, Blurb became widely-recognized in the self-publishing industry. As head of International, Goldberg led the company's geographic expansion and was responsible for delivering more than half of Blurb’s revenue.

Prior to Blurb, Goldberg spent four years as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Lonely Planet, where she helped to redefine how the organization approached marketing and successfully drove sales revenue up by 50 percent. Prior to Lonely Planet, Goldberg held several key marketing roles in technology and consumer brand companies, including Nestle, Clorox, and ClickAction. She earned her M.B.A. at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and her B.S. in Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley.

Robin Goldberg Staff Portrait
Biographical Highlights /
  • Chief Experience Officer at Minerva
  • Former Senior Vice President of International and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Blurb
  • Former Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Lonely Planet

Photo: Peter Prato

Topic One

The Importance of Global Education

Most people would emphatically agree that exposure to different countries, different cultures and different perspectives can all provide tremendous learning opportunities. Yet, global programs at existing higher education institutions are typically not designed to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing global context. Study abroad is often criticized for providing an isolating experience instead of an eye-opening one. In order to ensure meaningful experiences, it is crucial for higher education institutions to evolve their thinking about global education and re-imagine the university experience abroad.

Leveraging the travel expertise gained during her tenure at Lonely Planet, Robin Goldberg, Chief Experience Officer at Minerva, will discuss about why immersive global experiences are critical for students in today's interconnected world She will share the opportunities and challenges of global educational programs, the lifelong and career benefits for students who participate in global experiences, and a model for global immersion that prepares and empowers students to be global citizens for life.

Topic Two

Building a Brand from Scratch

The word marketing for many conjures up household brand names. Yet, brand goes way beyond packaged goods.  Brand is the promise that any product, service, or organization makes to those it serves. With a career spent establishing and growing global businesses, Robin Goldberg, Minerva's Chief Experience Officer, shares stories about building a brand from scratch in several different sectors: education, technology, publishing and consumer goods. And, for those who believe it takes a big budget to do it, she will dispel the myth sharing practical ways to build a brand and a passionate community of evangelists for your brand without breaking the bank.

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