Ivan Ezeigbo

Ivan Ezeigbo is a member of Minerva’s inaugural class, and is a Computational Sciences and Natural Sciences major. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ivan aspires to become a doctor and help transform the healthcare system in his home country of Nigeria.

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Computational Sciences
Natural Sciences 

“At Minerva, I get really fired up by all of the incredible things people around me are doing. Just when I start to think something can’t be done, I find out one of my classmates has already done it and I realize it is possible.”

Before Minerva, Ivan always had a keen interest in learning. In fact, while in high school he represented Nigeria twice in the International Biology Olympiads. His passion for excelling in school started at a very young age and remains intact at Minerva. Ivan recently conducted genetic research at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, where he learned and practiced laboratory techniques, as well as explored his interest in medicine.