Jake Schaeffer

Jake Schaeffer is a fourth-year student from Murrieta, California. He decided to attend Minerva while in San Francisco for his Ascent Weekend, after learning that the academic experience was exactly what he had been seeking in a university program. 

Student Profile – Jake Schaeffer



Country of Origin

United States 


Computational Science


"[Minerva] offered the type of education that I felt would truly make me stand out from my peers at other schools. The academics are structured such that critical and creative thinking are the base of your studies, from the first year all the way through your fourth year.”

Having a passion for music and an interest in filmmaking, Jake recently completed an internship with a renowned film composer in Southern California and used his data science skills to design a musical database that houses nearly two decades worth of musical sketches. After Minerva he aspires to work on branding initiatives as a data scientist, believing that using big data, instead of intuition, can help companies shape how they approach product marketing to better deliver on customer preferences.