Maria Budig

Calling both Germany and Poland “home,” Maria came to Minerva eager to immerse herself in each of the cities in the global rotation. In fact, living and learning in these global hubs was what she says most excited her about Minerva as a prospective student. Now in her second year, Maria is a strong proponent of seeing things from multiple perspectives, and firmly believes her diverse experiences over the next several years will help prepare her for the challenges of the future.

Maria Budig



Country of Origin

Germany & Poland


Arts& Humanities

Social Sciences

“By enabling us to engage with what we’re learning in unique, community-based ways, Minerva is encouraging us to be citizens of the world.”

Before Minerva, Maria pursued an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, wanting to challenge herself academically and prepare for an international education after high school. In eighth grade, she was introduced to Model United Nations (MUN) and quickly became very involved in the organization. Since then, Maria has participated in a number of conferences and has refined her public speaking and debating skills. Moreover, her MUN experience helped form her unique global perspective, which later led her to Minerva.