Marley Esch

Drawn to Minerva’s unique global student experience, Marley Esch applied to the Class of 2021 after completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program in her hometown of Rockwall, Texas in the United States.

Student Profile – Marley 2



Country of Origin

United States 



Social Sciences

“The community allows us students to diversify ourselves from the traditional views in our home countries, and thus gave me the room to be more than just an ‘American’ and the stereotypes that come with this label.”

Marley once had her sights set on becoming a research psychologist but has since gained exposure, while at Minerva, to a multitude of other career paths that have piqued her interest. Now, she is enthusiastically exploring her options; ultimately, Marley hopes to use psychology to influence people’s decisions around causes she is passionate about, such as ending animal cruelty and finding solutions to homelessness.