Megan Cho

Megan Cho is a second-year student who aspires to pursue a double major in Business and Social Sciences. Inspired by the Silicon Valley technology scene, she hopes to one day be a part of changing the narrative of what education can and should be for modern-day students.

Student Profile – Megan Cho



Country of Origin

United States



“Minerva’s community of students, staff, and faculty have not only elevated my perspective of the world, they have motivated me to become better both personally and professionally.”

For her first-year final project, Megan and her team focused on improving the homeless shelter experience for San Francisco youth. Hoping to make an impact on her Foundation Year city, she and her peers proposed a music therapy program to address the trauma homeless youth experience from living unstable lifestyles. Moving forward, Megan’s passion for helping people and affecting positive change will undoubtedly lead her to take on more meaningful projects as she experiences the world through the global rotation.