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Raymundo Gonzalez-Leal

Raymundo Gonzalez-Leal is a fourth-year student studying Data Science and Statistics. Prior to Minerva, he completed an International Baccalaureate (IB) degree and participated in the Mathematics Olympiad in his home city of Monterrey, in northeastern Mexico.

Raymundo Gonzales-Leal Freshman Portrait



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Computational Sciences

“Minerva has opened up more possibilities for me. If I had stayed back home, I would have gone to a traditional university, chosen my major at the beginning of my first year, and started on a path that was pretty much defined for me. Here, having the opportunity to explore different professional fields, I’ve discovered my passion for data science."

More recently, Raymundo worked at Higia Technologies, where he helped advance early stage breast cancer detection technology. Having become an integral part of the Higia team, he continues to contribute to their artificial intelligence research, while simultaneously taking Minerva classes in Seoul. Raymundo joined Minerva’s Class of 2019 to challenge himself in an active learning environment and advance his professional growth.