Supporting Your Applicants 

Admissions Process Overview 

Minerva’s unique admissions process is designed to evaluate students for their ability and drive in ways not supported by traditional applications. Our merit-based process allows students to demonstrate who they are, how they think, and what they have achieved in meaningful ways. 

The three-part admissions process will evaluate each applicant’s potential and ability to thrive in Minerva’s rigorous program in a number of ways, including a thorough understanding of his or her academic performance. In order to complete the admissions process, all applicants must have a counselor or other school official submit the materials outlined below. To make this process as efficient as possible, we have enabled applicants to provide school officials with a secure link, via email, to submit the required documents directly into the applicant’s online application. 

Academic Record

Minerva requires transcript(s) covering an applicant's academic record for the past three years. Please submit records for any/all of the time that the student was enrolled at your school during any proportion of the past three years.

Submitted documents should also include any of the following that apply to your school system's requirements:

  • Exam results required for graduation (if already completed) or 
  • Predicted exam results e.g. IB, KCSE, O-Levels, Cambridge A-Levels, Cambridge AS levels, Bagrut, etc.

Counselor Form

This short form helps our admissions committee better understand the applicant’s school and his or her academic performance within that context. As each school has its own grading system, criteria, and distribution, the information you provide will help the Admissions Team more accurately assess each applicant’s academic strengths at their institution.

If you have additional questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Understanding Minerva

Counselors and educators are critical partners in helping and supporting students throughout the college application process. We sincerely thank you for your time, energy, and commitment to students.

We hope that you and your applicants will find our website helpful in understanding whether Minerva is the right school, and encourage you to learn more about elements of the undergraduate program: 

Contact us at any time if you have specific questions, need additional information, or would like to speak with the Admissions Officer who covers your area.

Nominate a Student

We know that the counselors and educators work diligently to help students to reach their goals and are the best able to identify the student(s) who possess the unique level of global consciousness, genuine curiosity, and desire to contribute meaningful change that Minerva looks for. We invite you to recommend these exceptional students by nominating them for a challenging and rewarding undergraduate experience.

Minerva is not the right fit for every student, but for the right student, Minerva is the ideal university program and a truly transformative opportunity.

Nominate a student.

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